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New LJ add it. [05 Nov 2002|04:47pm]
[ mood | new ]

I took one of Brookes old LJ's so add it. kiss_kiss_kill

or die.

post script. if you were on the friends list for screamingxstars then you're on kiss_kiss_kill.

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Yiffy Foxies: you're too cute to be sad [03 Nov 2002|06:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I want something that I know I'll never have, and it makes my heart hurt horribly to think about it.

Would people even care if I died and was gone..........forever?

p.s. new lj pic

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Saves The Day [02 Nov 2002|11:24pm]
[ mood | content ]

Yeah, tonight owned minus being kicked in the head, being hit in the jaw about 15 seconds later and having a security guard put his hands down my pants after being picked up after crowd surfing, but it's okay cuz I kicked him in the face on my way down, and you know what you should be jealous unless you are on the following list:

Dorian</3>Tonight I determined that I like my husband <3</strike> i ruined everything

- I might take one of Brookes old LJs

+ my mom told me I had a couple months to choose what school I wanted to go to. I really want go to Chatsworth 'cause I have a lot of friends there, I want to go to Chaminade because Brooke is like the coolest & funnest person to be around plus we're gay when we're around eachother & it's great, and Sterling is awesome and I like to scare him with "the jaw thing" plus he wants me to go there, and my best friend would be able to come there with me from Alemany. ugh jdfhgajhgahgailoveyoujkhreuuiwarrewgi

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Werdddddddd [01 Nov 2002|10:51am]
[ mood | blank ]

Last night was Dashboard Confessional, it was fun, a little boring but fun, Hot Rod Circuit and Noise Ratchet were good, I enjoyed those bands more than Dashboard, Dorian was right it was an effing sing a long! Chris Carraba and his band just completely stop and the crowd sings, i'm kinda disappointed i wanted to see emo kids crying and I didn't. Dorian called me, I let him listen to his favorite hot rod song! I'm such a nice wife, I think me and Dorian called eachother 12 times back and forth! I bought him a shirt that he will be receiving tomorrow at the saves the day show! He said he'd buy me something from STD, i'm so excited to see him again! I met sarah

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<ljuser=smellysockgirl>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Last night was Dashboard Confessional, it was fun, a little boring but fun, Hot Rod Circuit and Noise Ratchet were good, I enjoyed those bands more than Dashboard, Dorian was right it was an effing sing a long! Chris Carraba and his band just completely stop and the crowd sings, i'm kinda disappointed i wanted to see emo kids crying and I didn't. Dorian called me, I let him listen to his favorite hot rod song! I'm such a nice wife, I think me and Dorian called eachother 12 times back and forth! I bought him a shirt that he will be receiving tomorrow at the saves the day show! He said he'd buy me something from STD, i'm so excited to see him again! I met sarah <ljuser=smellysockgirl/>, apparently she lives next to my new house, i love how i meet atleast 1 person that lives near the new house at a show. It's wonderful, makes me wanna move more and more! I will never be at my own house when i move. I heard rumors that Avril Lavigne was there, not costumes the real Avril, i saw some girl that looked exactly like her maybe it was her since i saw a parade of like 4381743892 girls yelling AVRIL AVRIL AVRIL! I hate her. She bugs me, she makes me want to murder myself (loudly). I'm sad I couldn't find Adam at the show last night

I didn't go to school today cuz we're having a school mass! And our periods are only 20 minutes long so it's pointless when i'm not even catholic! niiice

my mom scared the bejeezees out of me, i'm sitting in the car and we're at a red light and she looks at my ear and kinda touches it and i'm thinking shit goodbye plugs she'll notice theyre 4's, and shes like were they always red and silver? they're pretty....i laughed inside, what a relief

I have come to realize that i am a <b>compulsive t-shirt buyer</b> and i need to buy more pants, 8 pairs of pants and 120+ t-shirts ain't cuttin' it!

Saves The Day in 33 hours!!
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PARIS IN xFLAMES: gayus maximus [29 Oct 2002|10:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

+ none of the cool kids ever update anymore
+ i rarely ever update, i'm still not cool
+ i need a job
+ i need a digital camera
+ i need to move RIGHT NOW
+ i need to leave my school and try to get into chatsworth 2nd semester
+ i'm not gonna miss anyone at alemany, with the exception of my best friend Kristin
+ i love all my chatsworth friends too much
+ My mom gave me my plugs back, i have 4g's she thinks they are 6's, ha
+ my homecoming sucked, but i had cool hair, everyone wanted to sex it
+ the girls at homecoming pissed me off with their little curls so i got my hair done in spikes
+ ian crowe wants me to suck his wang, he specializes in cum shots HAHA
+ i love my LJ husband <3 dorian nagy <3
+ i'm seeing dashboard on halloween
+ i'm seeing saves the day on saturday with my husband <3 dorian nagy <3
+ i'm going to too many emo shows
+ i'll still be crying at saves the day from dashboards show
+ I hate the darkness, because i'm scared of the dark, does that make me a faggot?
+ i wish i was cool
+ i'm a faggot 'cause i like a cute freshman boy
+ i wish i was able to allow anonymous posts, but i'm not 'cause everyone on LJ hates me, and I don't want to be like Christy Joo or Tyte 5 with anonymous shit talking, so i can know who to murder if they do talk shit
+ I want more LJ comments
+ I want you to love me

+ i'm finished

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[26 Oct 2002|12:17am]
[ mood | amused ]

Today I met Tito Jackson from The Jackson 5 at Chuck E' Cheese. you should be jealous.

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(!!!) ATTENTION PLEASE (!!!) [21 Oct 2002|10:44pm]
After hours and hours of thinking I have come to the conclusion that I would like to divorce Matthew David Di-Panni, he no longers IMs me or speaks to me, and now has his own gee slash eff, I have been betrayed by this boy. I have found a new love, who has proposed, if this divorce does take place, I will be remarried very shortly.

MURDERmeSILENTLY: i need to go to court for a divorce.
TheRadiatorHums: BE MY WIFEEEEe
MURDERmeSILENTLY: if i can divorce matt.
TheRadiatorHums: yesss!!!!!!
MURDERmeSILENTLY: reelbigmatt. thats my LJ husband, but he has a gf now
TheRadiatorHums: it's official you are my LJ wife
MURDERmeSILENTLY: no no it is not.
TheRadiatorHums: ♥
TheRadiatorHums: soon?
MURDERmeSILENTLY: im not mormon.
MURDERmeSILENTLY: maybe.....i must talk to matt.

♥ Dorian Nagy ♥

TheRadiatorHums: I'm must go, goodbye sweetie goodnight.

I ♥ when people call me sweetie

place your comments about this situation, and I will take them into consideration!
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making out = oodles of fun [20 Oct 2002|12:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It's always fun to kiss people, and know that neither of you have ANY feelings for eachother. HAHAHA I ♥ it

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I was bored. [18 Oct 2002|07:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today was a good day, everything was nice! School went by fast, then I came home showered and Adam came and picked me up with his parents to go shopping for his homecoming outfit, i love his parents, they're funny. we found a nice old fashioned suit that matched the color of my dress. then I came home and just watched some TV and then Dan asked if he could come over,I said yes, so Dan dropped by to say hello, he's such a cutie i <3 that boy. I loved today!

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abeisadork: fucken bitch i love you [14 Oct 2002|07:30pm]
I like the fact that I dont have anymore drama with anybody. I also like the fact that i''m meeting a lot of new people that are gonna be living near my new house, which means i'm gonna actually have a life in West Hills and hang out with cool people, which is more than I can say about North Hills.I've had a change of thought, I wanna leave Alemany, and go to El Camino, Chatsworth, or maybe even Chaminade, but i highly doubt Chaminade. Sterling goes there, he's cool, so i'll know one cool person there. Chatsworth would be awesome IF i did go there. I'd be with cool people, like Chris, Gabe, and Adam, i love those boys and rarely get to see them. i've been happy lately, tomorrow i'm having friends over and going to in 'N' out, you're jealous. And Jeana will finally have the In 'N' Out she's been craving for days. Gabe is going to have pretty nails, i'm gonna paint them red and black for him tomorrow.

i ♥ you, ALL of you.
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You're jealous. [12 Oct 2002|11:28pm]
--PTW Owns Me
--Thursday fucking amazing
--Met lots of new people, i love it.
-Sterling = Cute boy, nice personality, has hott hair, he lives by my new house it would be nice to hang out with him.
--Dorian = Owes me $2
--Brooke = got hurt tonight, i'm glad she's okay, gorgeous girl, and i love her for giving me her PTW sweater
--Jared = too tired tonight was being a weirdo, he's still adorable and he's still my <3 cute neighbor boy<3
--Jeana = nicest girl ever, we're gonna hang out soon
--Chris = silly boy, cool guy, buys cheap gum
--Martine = Gorgeousss
--Jesse = nice to talk to him again, weirdo
--What would've made it better is if Jenn, Ian and Jesilin would've been there.

Tonight rocked it was such an amazing show. I wanted to buy a PTW shirt and a PTW sweatshirt, and they sold out, of both, so i thought i'd settle for a thursday sweater, SOLD OUT. When i was outside i was telling the new people i met that i was angry that i couldn't buy a PTW sweater and brooke's like you want mine? so i bought hers, i love her, she's so cool and tiny like me. Sterling's a sweet boy he was helping a couple people that got hurt, he wants me to go to chaminade so i can be his friend, haha, psh, i think he's gonna be living kinda close to me, so hopefully i'll be able to hangout with him a lot. It was nice to talk to Jesse again, representin' Alemany, haha, Jeana's such a cool girl!!! Me and her will definately be hanging out more. Same with Chris. I don't understand why Arthur was at the show and Jesilin wasn't, I wish she was.

P.S. If you hate me and want to fight or see me fight don't tell someone that's cool with me "to kick my ass" cuz they won't, fight your own fights, faggoid <3
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Oh-Emm-Gee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [12 Oct 2002|12:39pm]
kjdshfkjhsalkfa!!!!!!!!! POISON THE WELL AND THURSDAY! I'm gonna pee my pants. If you're not going you should be jealous.

i'll probably update about how wonderful the show was later on.
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Fill it out and reply as a comment or i'll blow your brains out! [08 Oct 2002|08:02pm]
01. When did we meet?
02. How did we meet?
03. Have we ever met in person?
04. Have we ever talked on the phone?
05. Have you ever seen me cry?
06. Have you ever seen me dance?
07. Describe me using three or less words.
08. If you could spend a day with me, what would we do?
09. Have we ever gotten in a fight?
10. Have you ever dreamt of me? If so, tell me about it.
11. If you could give me a present, what would it be?
12. Would you hug me?
13. Would you kiss me?
14. What do you REALLY think of me?
15. Do you trust me?
16. Do you know something about me that no one else knows?
17. Do you even know how old I am (without looking at my LJ profile! Don't cheat!)?
18. Anything you wanted to tell me but never got a chance to?
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Oh God, 7th grade was the best, HAHAHAHHA

I miss my long hair
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Show, Grades, Night with Owe, Whit & Brian [04 Oct 2002|10:10pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Last night was the NFG, SoCo, and Finch show, you guys are all jealous cuz you didn't go. It was lots of fun, other than the fact that Finch only played 5 songs, LITERALLY, and Further Seems Forever cancelled, and I got elbowed in the mouth once so it got more swollen. gay. I met Jared, he's a cool cat. And I met this guy Andy which was cool, and Jared's friend Morena, she was nice.

Today was a good day, school went by really fast, and I have A's and B's in all my classes, which is pretty cool cuz I thought Soph year would be hard.


Owe picked me up around 7:50 and then we picked Whitney up, then we proceeded to Kings where I had the best grilled cheese sandwich in the world. After Kings we met up with Tauber at the mall. Then we proceeded to my house, I went with Tauber. He thought his mom was following us or something he got scared, it was amusicing. I listened to the Nathan cd in Brians car.
They came over and played video games that was lots of fun. Brian sucks at video games, and talked shit to all my friends online. Brian's terrified of my dog, it was interesting watching him jump. But I enjoyed his presence, along with Owe and Whitneys.

I need to have them over more often. they're fun.


I fucking LOVED tonight

I'm SO happy to be alive =)

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sucky [02 Oct 2002|08:58pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I hated tonight.
I want to move far far away and start over with new people.

People say, these problems can be solved....
Well my problems CANNOT

You people that have drama with me 'cause of livejournal DONT even know me! you guys depress me.

Sometimes I feel their isn't a reason for me to be alive, yet I would NEVER kill myself.

I hate this
I'm tired of fighting with people
i'm tired of fighting with YOU


Why can't you all be like Jenn? Come over at 9:30PM, to bring me presents and talk, I LOVE YOU, you made me feel a lot better!

MADE MY FUCKING day, week, month YEAR

Post Script: Maybe going to NFG and Finch tomorrow, will cheer me up.

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Werd [29 Sep 2002|10:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today was a nice day, i went to my friend Adams house since hes trying to start a record thing kind of like Band Aide or Curly and Spike so I went to help him out, i met a few cool people a few guys from No Identity and this guy named Gabe being one of them, he's a sweetheart and he's really cute and in a band called Red Light District, i'm hoping to get to know him better since he seems like a cool cat.

We sold our house today, i'm moving in the middle of November.

People cause too much drama, i think they're put on this earth to do so.

It's funny how some people think that when girls refer to eachother as sisters in livejournal or anywhere else they take it literally, we call eachother sisters 'cause it means we're CLOSE. Jenn knows what i'm talking about.

Punk Or Poser

brought to you by Quizilla

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El Jay Makeover [28 Sep 2002|05:36pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

LJ makeover

I know you wanna sex it!

post script: Oreos are addicting and i'm proud to say that I have recovered

Post Post Script: Tonight my parents are bringing home a new computer, be jealous now

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FUCK YOU [26 Sep 2002|11:51pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I missed RBF which sucked and i could've been with <3 the cute neighbor boy <3, and to top it off tonight was a disappointment. i'm angry and static lullaby is beyond horrible live, that was THEE worst show EVER

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A little something i stole from Alexis [25 Sep 2002|05:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Seven things that scare you.

1) Spiders
2) Doctors
3) The dark
4) The thought of being alone forever
5) Moving, i <3 my house, yet i <3 the new house
6) Losing Friends
7) Beer, not joking, i would have to say i'm a BEEROPHOBIC

Seven things you love (in no order)

2) Friends
3) My sister(s), my real one and Jenn, who in a sense is a real one too
4) The fact that Alexis put "tina's hair" for this answer
5) Kisses, when you least expect they'd happen
6) Holding hands
7) Life, most of the time

Seven things you hate (in order)

1) Christy Joo's annoying, ugly, conceited self
2) Greg White
3) Stupid drama, yet it comes after me
4) LJ
5) all the little "punk rock" bands on MTV with their stupid little concert music videos
6) Fairy and Butterfly Tattoos (what's up with that?)
7) taking naps after school cuz i always wake up with a stomachache and a horrible headache, then i can't sleep at night since i slept so long during the day

Seven things in your room

1) A full wall of posters
2) Computer
3) Television
4) Lots of star things
5) <3 My Clothes <3
6) Pictures of old friends
7) My bass that I need start playing again

Seven things to do before death

1) Kill the people I hate
2) Find out how Justin Timberlakes fucking voice can go so high in his new song which is really stupid
3) Have a good body (it will happen, i'm workin on it now)
4) Find out who my true friends are
5) Graduate High School
6) Start a band if I decide to start playing bass again
7) Find out how many ignorant and stupid girls sucked Tyte5's dicks, it should be in the hundreds by now

Seven things you can do

1) Touch my tongue to my nose
2) Give good massages
3) Give up to 87510438759017501 hugs in one day
4) Drive
5) Write long letters if i'm in the mood
6) Have cute conversations with the <3 cute neighbor boy <3
7) Beat some guys at arm wrestling with my GUNS of steel (haha joking, but i can beat some guys)

Seven things you can't do

1) Find
2) Answers
3) For
4) These
5) Lame
6) Questions
7) Theirs nothin i can't do hahaha, jay/kay

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex

1) Lips
2) Eyes
3) Piercings
4) Back muscles
5) Nice Stomach
6) Hair
7) Maturity

Top seven movies (in no order)

1) The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
2) Father of the Bride (both of em)
3) Edward Scissorhands
4) Mrs Doubtfire
5) Monsters Inc.

Top seven things you say most
1) I'll fuck you up
2) shiiiiiit niggahhhhh
3) Fuck
4) I hate (place name, or object here)
5) i need a car
6) I need a job
7) dude.

3 years ago I....

1) Was in shape like whoa
2) Had my first kiss, and didn't enjoy it at all
3) Was smart
4) Wouldn't shut up about how horrible my first kiss was
5) Was at Hillcrest

2 years ago I...

1) Was at Hillcrest
2) Enjoyed some kisses
3) Was with Nathan
4) Was a bitch to fat bob and went out with him just to get with Nathan
5) Was with David for a little bit

1 year ago I...

1) Was at Alemany
2) hung out with different people
3) Got into a fight with a dumbass sophomore named Jesse (james)
4) Didn't have LJ
5) Turned into a concertaholic

Yesterday I

1) Had a cute phone chat with the <3 cute neighbor boy <3
2) Found out I have a C in geometry and was horrible disappointed by it
3) Re-read Martine's conversation with Christy Joo on her LJ cuz it's the funniest thing in the world
4) Took a nap after school, and wish I didn't
5) Did a lot of weight lifting sit-ups and crunches

today I..

1) Went to the Alemany homecoming fashion show
2) Took a nap and wish I didn't
3) Got off school at 12
4) Waved To Alexis in school! =)
5) Listened to a lot of Poison The Well and A Static Lullaby

5 songs i know all the words to

1) Poison The Well - Nerdy
2) Thursday - Paris In Flames
3) Alkaline Trio - Private Eye
4) A Static Lullaby - Love To Hate, Hate To Me
5) Ozma - In Search of 1988

5 things I would buy with 100,000
1) A Car
2) Gifts for my friends
3) Lots of clothes
4) A lot of exercising equipnment
5) And save the rest for future concert tickets

Top 5 Singers/Bands lately

1) A Static Lullaby
2) Poison The Well
3) Reel Big Fish
4) Alkaline Trio
5) Yellowcard

This thing took me forever to do!
I'm seeing A STATIC LULLABY tomorrow, and you're jealous

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